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in Industry Services.

General repair & industrial and machinery. Our team up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing solutions. It is a Group with a commitment to the highest standards of engineering, technical innovation and comprehensive customer support. Its popularity and acceptance is nationwide.it is uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of its numerous customers.

Castlat Group is a market leader in arear of Industrial power Generation, Air-conditioning System, earth moving and agricultural equipment, rural electrification, Mining, oil and gas, Automobiles and general goods trading.

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Castlat Generators

The company is popularly called “The Generator people”, for its unique brand of generators and quality ...

Castlat Air-Conditioners

  We introduce to you the new Panasonic Air-conditioners which represent a new dimension in comfort, ...


Our MTN connect office is a subsidiary from the leading telecommunication operator in Nigeria (MTN). The ...

Our Company Provide Service And Best Maintenance.

Different types of home air conditioning units

When it comes to living in Lagos Nigeria, one of the best features of living in modern times is home climate control. Residential air conditioning, in particular, offers us a ...
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NNPC invites investors to bid for repair of pipelines, depots

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is requesting investors to bid to repair pipelines and depots serving its oil refineries, a document posted on its website shows on Tuesday. The ...
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What Could Happen Without AC Maintenance

One of the basic things the air conditioner does is collect dust and dirt from the air to keep it clean, and then provides fresh air back into the air. ...
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